Where Lovers Live

“Where Lovers Live” explores the multi-layered complexity of love stories; from the initial encounter of a new romance, to a lonely woman’s fixation on an imaginary lover, to the enduring love through years of life experiences, Sylvia Mims tells each tale with captivating honesty, exquisite storytelling, and breathtaking vocals. It is a pure exploration of “Where Lovers Live”.

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She has become a dear friend because of her honest approach to life. This honesty shines through in each song on this CD; whether it is a piece about new love or infidelity, Sylvia’s rare gift of delving into what the song means to her and conveying that to the audience is exquisite.

Donn Trenner, Emmy Nominated musical director, conductor, arranger, and jazz pianist

Sylvia addresses a fine set of standards head on, illustrating the power that can be found in honest delivery. Without elaborate arrangements or gimmicky ornamentation, her voice transmits an astonishing emotional depth. This singer has an exquisite set of chops, but technique never outshines her respect for the material. Where Lovers Live: moving and highly recommended!

Adafelice della Vicenza, Musical Director www.loucheliferadio.net

You are a f*cking good singer. Excuse my language, but I have no other words to express just how good you are.

Gene Bertoncini, jazz guitarist

I’ve been a recording engineer for over 25 years and “More Than You Know” is one of the best takes I have ever recorded in my studio.

Sean Swinney, Recording Engineer at Sean Swinney Recording, NYC