Sylvia Mims’ New CD Project Rhapsody In Technicolor

I’m excited to announce the release of my sophomore project titled “Rhapsody In Technicolor” on Gigi Habanero Records, LLC. I have been working on this project since 2016 and am thrilled to finally put it out into the world.

I want to thank the stunning musicians who played on this project. Each player left their indelible mark and I could not be prouder of the musicianship. Thank you to Jason Anick, Jonathan Barber, Josh Bruneau, Cesar Garabini, Taber Gable, and Curtis Torian for their beautiful playing. A huge thank you to Donn Trenner for accompanying me on our song “The Nearness of You”, and for giving me the honor of recording “Here I Am With You”. I extend the utmost gratitude to Matt DeChamplain for producing such richly textured arrangements, and to Matt Dwonszyk for his outstanding leadership as executive producer. What a blessing it was to play with these incredibly talented, sensitive and inspiring group of musicians.

I also want to thank the following who made this project possible: Sean Swinney – Recording Engineer/Mixer, Don Hamerman- photographer, Gabrielle Vaughn – photographers’ assistant, Natasha Ramsubhag – hair design, Guerline Fequiere – makeup, Bria Caso for the album graphics/packaging, and Jose Llerena for the website design.

A special shoutout to my husband, Sérgio, who provided much needed motivation to complete this gigantic feat.

So, with no further ado, I give you “Rhapsody In Technicolor”.